Propane Filling Station

Chile’s Gas fills tanks to the full amount it’s designed for

Get More with Chiles

At Chiles, we fill your gas grill tank to the full 20 pounds of propane for which your tank was designed. You do NOT get a full 20 pounds when you take it to an exchange center. In a propane tank exchange, they only put 15 lbs. in your tank (5 lbs. LESS than the capacity of the tank!)

  • We fill your cylinder by weight so you only pay for the gas we dispense into the tank
  • We will take the cylinder from your vehicle, refill it, and place it back into the vehicle
  • We fill YOUR cylinder while you wait (your tank is not exchanged for an older tank).
  • We will inspect your tank for any safety issues
  • We offer easy drive up access
  • We fill all sizes of propane cylinders

If your tank is out of date we can qualify the cylinder again, or we can dispose of the cylinder for you (free of charge)

Not sure how much propane you have left in your tank? Don’t donate it to an exchange center! At Chiles, you get credit for the propane already in your tank. 

Chiles Propane Gas takes great pride in delivering competitively priced residential propane.

Chiles provides heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment as well as the installation and maintenance.

Our Locations

Pulaski:   (931)363-5562

Franklin:   (615)595-1440

Who We Are

Chiles Propane and its employees take great pride in being able to deliver very competitively priced residential, commercial, and agricultural propane as well as exceptional customer service. Satisfied customers are the foundation upon which Chile’s has built its propane business.

Our Service Area

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Chile’s is a proud member of the
Greendale Propane Partners Family